Speaking Simulator
PlayStation 4
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Talking is hard.Do you have a vague understanding of human interaction? Well Speaking Simulator is for you!

Take control of a robot with a prototype tongue and mouth struggling to form words to have conversations. Our unfortunate story begins soon after you are activated, becoming alive and sentient. You are given a purpose by your AI master: Infiltrate Humanity. To achieve this you will face the incredibly dangerous and difficult challenge of talking to people.

Master the disgusting art of correctly moving your tongue and lips to create human speech. Squash and stretch your mouth into fantastically ugly and absurd shapes to emit different sounds. Manipulate your piston powered tongue to hit the proper buttons inside your robotic mouth. Please try to keep the coughing, stuttering, and awkward breathing to a minimum.

Often you will become overwhelmed with the task of speaking and you will start to make errors. This may cause your emotional systems to shut down and you will start to overheat. Please try to avoid this as humans find it a little suspicious.

Make sure you smile when you're meant to smile, and frown when you're meant to frown. Humans are very picky and find it strange if you stare into their eyes with a wide grin while they tell you about their personal tragedies.Game Features
  • Learn the mannerisms, culture, and habits of humans.
  • Master social scenarios such as job interviews, doctor examinations, and romantic conversations.
  • Degrade yourself by partaking in various human activities.
  • Dynamically create sounds, vowels and consonants with your mouth.
  • Fantastically beautiful tongue graphics.
  • Surprisingly good portrayal of social anxiety.

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Ansvarlig redaktør: Jarle Hrafn Grindhaug
Redaksjonssjef: Erik Fossum
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