Arimac Lanka
Arimac Lanka
NERO is a single-player stealth action game set in the lush jungles of southeast asia. Track down and eliminate your targets hidden deep into enemy territories and sabotage heavy guarded military bases with all the tools at your disposal. Upgrade your skills and exprience this campain of shadows and fire !

Based loosly on a fictional civil war, you play as the legendary sniper hero NERO. In an exiting campaing that tells the gripping story of a man out for revenge, you will infiltrate varied locations and face ever changing challenges. Use the environments to take down enemies in close combat or snipe them from a distance to fulfill your missions. By using all the tools in your arsenal, you are free to approach your foes with the playstyle you prefere: Go loud or go quite!

-> 9 maps with diverse environments, lightning and weather.
-> Exciting Stealth and Third Person shooting gameplay with 4 difficulty levels.
-> Stylish Sniper action and Bullet Time.
-> Skill upgrade systems to deepen the favored gameplay.
-> Mission score and ranking to ensure replayability.
-> Fully voiced and subtitled story with ingame, cinematic and comic cutscenes.
-> Hidden game objects for collecting story lore and bonus points to encourage exploration.

NERO has been in the works for over 3 years now by a dedicated team at Arimac here in Sri Lanka.

Our motivation was to pay a tribute to the unsung heros of our troubled past and by doing so, creating the islands first big PC release.
Although our incredible project teams in the company have expertise across mutiple platforms (Mobile, AR, VR, XR game activations and advergames with over 500 titles) this is our first major self developed and published project. We expect it to be our base for further endavors expanding this IP and want to thank you in advance for your support !

We had an exciting time developing NERO and hope you will have the same fun playing it !

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