As Far As The Eye
Goblinz Studio
Unexpected is pleased to present As Far As The Eye, a strategy and micro-management game of a peaceful nomads tribe who migrate through a natural cycle of several hundred years to reach the center of the world, the Eye.

A F.A.T.E offers the players a nomadic adventure on a turn-based basis alongside the Pupils, these littles beings connected to nature who change their shape according to their occupation.

Features :

  • Establishment of a base
  • Construction of buildings
  • System of trades and levels
  • Random events
  • Knowledge tree
  • Exploration

    Harvest resources to move forward

    In order to allow life on the camp, the Pupils reap resources in their procedurally generated environment. Some allow them to feed themselves, others to build and improve their buildings and cope with the vagaries of climate and nature.
    It will require ingenuity to place the buildings and optimize the yields of the various hexes while keeping and eye on the resources needed to leave the caravan for the next step.

    A system of jobs and knowledge

    Each Pupil can learn several jobs. In total, there are six jobs, eleven specializations and seventy-eight levels that nomads can explore in this version of the game.

    Beyond the improvement of each individual, the player will also be responsible for creating a savant tribe by unlocking knowledge in a tree, changing the gameplay style.

    The Procedural and the Random

    In order to offer a unique experience to each player, we have developed our own procedural generation of steps, as well as a system of random events that you will have to cope with and protect yourself from.

    An adventure that suits you

    Do you like quiet and serene games where time flies slowly and during which there is no pressure on you? Do you prefer, on the contrary, to feel the blood beating on your temples when you encounter great and difficult challenges? In As Far As The Eye, you can modify your experience as you wish using a game settings editor that will allow you to choose the duration of the game, the size of the steps, the frequency of resources spawn and many other options.
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Ansvarlig redaktør: Jarle Hrafn Grindhaug
Redaksjonssjef: Erik Fossum
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